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Floor Sanding Chelsea By Qualified Technicians

Turn rough into smooth and increase the visual impact of any room in one easy step. Wood floor sanding in Chelsea will make a dramatic difference to your home, rental properties or commercial premises, and the benefits will last for years to come. The skilled craftsman will transform the appearance of all wooden floors, so call us for your softwood, hardwood or parquet. As a landlord you'll appreciated the added rental value of a well maintained and eye-catching property, as a home owner you'll benefit from a dust-free and easy-care environment.

What You Get From Our Floor Sanding Services in Chelsea

  • Set up an on-site consultation at no obligation and take all the time you need to tell us about the wood floor renovation you’re interested in
  • Once the reliable floor sanding technicians have completed their assessment you'll receive a comprehensive quote for the cost of your work
  • Your work will be completed by Bona-certified experts using top grade equipment that cuts down the dust generated by sanding by 99%
  • Your wood floor sanding services are guaranteed, and your work is covered by comprehensive insurance, so you're protected from accidental damage
  • Your property will command a higher resale price, and you'll enjoy the comfort of an easy to clean, hypo-allergenic room
  • You'll always have access to our 24/7 customer support network - we're at the end of the phone or online whenever you need us
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Find Wood Floor Sanding in Chelsea and Much More Besides

Producing a fully renovated wooden floor will involve a number of stages - we have the tools and expertise for all of them. Depending on the initial condition of your floor your service could include:

Repair and Restoration: Loose boards are secured, and when there is wood that needs replacing we'll do so using reclaimed timber which matches your existing floor. We'll check and repair joists and remove old rusty nails.

Gap Filling: This stage ensures that your restored floor will look great and feel smooth. We fill small gaps with resin and sawdust, and larger ones with reclaimed wood which is hammered in, then planed level.

Floor Sanding: We work using three grades of sandpaper, starting with a coarse grit to lift grime or old paint and varnish, and proceeding through to a fine grain which prepares your floor for the final stages of renovation.

Floor Staining: Choose the final colour for your floor and we'll apply the stain that will give the effect you're seeking.

Finishing and Floor Sealing: We have a variety of sealants available, the floor sanding technicians will make a recommendation depending on the age and style of your floor. In all cases you'll be left with a durable and water resistant finish.

Caring for Your Wood Floor in the Future

wood floor sanding in chleseaYour floorboard restoration should give you years of pleasure. Once the work is complete, a few simple steps will help to ensure the longevity of your flooring finish:

Prevent scratches: Place door mats at entrances and sweep or vacuum regularly to ensure that dust and grit aren't walked into the floor.

Water Damage: Mop up water spills immediately, your flooring finish will be water resistant, meaning that spills dealt with promptly won't cause damage... but that doesn't mean you should leave water to lie!

Drag Marks from Furniture: When moving furniture, make sure you lift not drag.

Book Your Inspection and Quote for Chelsea Floor Sanding

Use our 24/7 phone line - 020 3404 4979 - to arrange your no-obligation site visit and quote for wood floor sanding. This number is available to you whether you're calling as a home-owner, a landlord, or the owner of any commercial premises with wooden floors in need of restoration. If you don't have a phone to hand, contact us through our live chat service. Alternatively, request a call from us by leaving your details on our contact form. One of our customer service advisers will be in touch to find out when you'd like a floor sanding technician to call.