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Parquet Floor Sanding in London from an Experienced Team

parquet floor sanding in londonHave you got some parquet flooring in your home or place of business in the capital that's in need of a little care and attention? Our service for parquet floor sanding in London is the ideal choice if you want to give your wooden flooring a new lease of life!

We'll come around and assess it for and with no obligation to you, so you'll be fully informed as to the effects you can expect from our service before we get started. Our experienced team have been restoring the wooden floors of London for over a decade and a half, so your floor will be in experienced hands.

The Affordable Choice for Parquet Flooring Sanding

We offer services for sanding parquet flooring that have been designed to be both convenient and affordable. This means you'll enjoy high quality floor sanding at some of the lowest rates around - rates that can be reduced still further when you use us to take care of sanding stairs or for repair and restoration work at the same time. In addition, we give you:

  • Work performed using the highest quality of sanding equipment - tools which have been designed to create no sawdust and leave no mess behind
  • Customer care and support provided 24/7
  • Enough booking slots that even the busiest schedules can find a convenient times for our consultation
  • Total insurance protection, and our quality guarantees backing up each service
  • A qualified and experienced team of tradesmen who've had their work approved by BONA

Parquet Floor Sanders - This is How We Do It!

parquetry floor sanding londonOur professional parquet flooring sanding services are suitable for any and all commercial and domestic properties, as well as for any kind of flooring. You'll have had a consultation with a fully qualified member of the team before your service starts, confirming your floor is one of the many types that will benefit from our experienced care.

We commence the treatment with a careful inspection of your floor, making sure all fixings are tight and there are no gaps. Then we use three different grades of sandpaper to remove the old coating of sealant from your floor. Once everything is smooth and level, we'll apply whichever new sealant you've selected - varnish or lacquer for hard-worn floors, and wax or oils for other areas.

The professional techinicans we hire have sanded countless parquet floorings everywhere in London. Versailles, Herringbone Parquet, Chevron and many other traditional and offbeat parquetry flooring patterns. The expeienced employees know how to sand and seal your parquet for sure! 

Sanding of Parquet Wood Flooring Executed by Experienced Techinicians

Providing full insurance cover and quality guarantees with each of our services for parquet floor sanding, we're the team you can count on for excellence. With over fifteen years in the industry backing up our every move, we're the ones in-the-know when it comes to the restoration of all types of wooden floors. Every member of the parquet floor sanding team has been carefully trained, tested and interviewed by us before joining the staff.

Get Sanding for Your Parquet Floors Today!

Get a quote and consultation on the costs and processes involved in getting sanding for your parquet floors today with one short call to us on 020 3404 4979. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are always happy to discuss the ins and outs of our service with you. We can also be reached via our website's chat facility and the handy online form we've got here. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to use us to get your parquet floors sanded!