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A Precision Service for Floorboards Sanding in London

floorboard sanding londonWhen the choice comes down to whether you want to shell out all of that cash for a whole new set of floorboards, or whether you'd rather get some professionals in to revitalise your existing boards for a fraction of the cost, we know which one we'd pick! Our service for floorboards sanding in London lets you repair and restore the floorboards you've already got in place, saving you all of the money involved in buying a whole new floor. You'll benefit from a consultation with an experienced member of the floorboard sanding team before we get started, so you'll have all of the information you need to decide on the best way forward without any obligation.

Sanding Wooden Floorboards is Easy with Precision Equipment

We use devices chosen from the high quality range provided by BONA - the industry's leading suppliers. This equipment has been especially designed for sanding wooden floorboards, and creates almost no mess as it collects all sawdust as we go. The other advantages of our service include:

  • A full sanding of your floorboards, making them suitable for use as flooring themselves
  • 24/7 booking facilities and customer support
  • Convenient appointment slots for your consultation - there's no obligation after your viewing either!
  • Ways to save money when you combine our services. Might your damaged floor need our gap filling or repair and restoration options?
  • The peace of mind that comes from a full quality guarantee
  • Experienced staff who've had their work approved by the masters at BONA

Sanding Old Floorboards and Making Them New Again!

wood floorboards restoration in londonWe start with a full consultation with you, examining your floorboards in detail. After you've confirmed our quoted price, we'll get to work nailing down loose boards, performing any gap filling and the full repair options you've chosen, if your floor is seriously damaged. After this we'll be using the equipment in sanding your old floorboards, grading down gradually finer and finer so the finish we achieve is smooth and even. You'll have a variety of choices to make here, whether you're going to require a varnish or lacquer finish, or perhaps something lighter like oil or wax if you're leaving the flooring uncovered. But, because you'll have made all of the choices in advance, we'll be able to smoothly go on with your service, giving your floors the finish you always wanted.

Sanding Floorboards in London

We have over fifteen years of experience in the industry behind us, allowing us to say with utter certainty we know how disruptive sanding floorboards can be for you. That's why we've taken steps to make sure our services are as unobtrusive as possible, and completely reliable. To do this, we start by having everything planned out neatly in advance after discussion with you, and the specialist floorboard sanding equipment means we don't leave any mess behind. What's more, full insurance cover is a standard part of the services we provide, so you'll be able to relax once you've hired the proven experts.

Get Your Floorboards Sanding in London!

Call 020 3404 4979 today to get in touch with our friendly call-centre! We're standing by around the clock, ready to take your call whenever you've got a moment free. Providing the aforementioned quotes and consultations at your convenience, as well as 24/7 customer service, we're always happy for you to call for a chat about the plans you want to make to arrange floorboards sanding in London. We also maintain our handy contact form and chat facility here on our website, making it easy for you to get in touch with us online, too.