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Wood Floor Waxing Provided by Experienced Specialists

wood floor waxing company in londonA natural look that's suitable for floors in family homes and properties where there isn't that much foot traffic, wood floor waxing is a great option for an organic finish that's safe for all the family. Not as hard-wearing as lacquer or varnish, but resulting in a gentler finish, wax is a great choice for many wooden floors.

The expertise and equipment ensures that your precision wood floor waxing services will go ahead without a hitch, and our selection of top of the line waxes chosen from the ranges of Junkers and BONA mean you'll be getting a finish of the highest quality.

Waxing Wood Floors is Simple and Easy with Us

We make waxing wood floors into a simple process you'll have all the information about from start to finish. Every one of our services begins with a consultation so we can give you a no-obligation quote on what it is you want to accomplish. Our services also give you:

  • A variety of high quality waxes chosen from the ranges of top suppliers
  • Customer care provided 24 hours a day
  • Booking slots for even the busiest of schedules
  • Amazing monetary value
  • Special deals when you combine waxing your wood floors with our floor sanding or commercial floor sanding options to make sure your surface is perfect
  • Total insurance cover and work from a team that's made up of qualified professionals

Wood Floor Polishing and Waxing - How the Process Works?

Your floor will need to have been stripped of its previous sealant and made perfectly smooth before our service starts. We'd recommend one of the above-listed professional sanding options we provide to achieve exactly this - we use three different grades of sandpaper and high-grade sanding equipment provided by BONA that leaves no sawdust behind. Once your floor is smooth and ready to receive it's new sealant, we'll get right to work. We use a specially-selected natural wax in all of our expert wood floor polishing and waxing services, so you'll get a fine finish. We usually use two coats of wax to ensure complete coverage.

Wood Floor Waxing Performed by the Experts

We don't hire just anyone to join the professional team of wood floor waxing specialists. These guys and girls have been trained to the highest level and tested by the masters over at BONA so we can guarantee they're the very best at what they do. All of the work we carry out is covered by our quality guarantee, and by our full insurance too, so you can relax while the experts get to work. For any further information you can always ask our call centre representatives and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Book Your Consultation - There's No Obligation

Simply make a short call to us now on 020 3404 4979 and you'll be chatting to one of our experienced staff. They know everything that can be known about the professional wood floor waxing and polishing services we offer, and can be relied upon to answer any questions you might have. We'll set up your no-obligation consultation with the polishing team right away. You can also make your appointment via our website here by filling our online form or by using our chat facility at your convenience.