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Convenient Services for Commercial Floor Sanding in London

commercial floor sanding londonSuitable for any kind of commercial property in the capital, our services for commercial floor sanding in London can restore the look and condition of any wooden flooring.

If your entranceway or conference room has suffered the fall of one too many pairs of feet, or when scuffing and other marks have started to decrease the appearance and lustre of your flooring, our service is the ideal choice for bringing it back to its best. We use special sawdust-free equipment that allows us to work with minimal intrusion, and we provide cost and no - obligation consultations and quotations as a standard part of your service.

A Fully Insured Commercial Floor Sanding Company

We know that entrusting your business property to others - even specially trained and fully qualified specialists - can be an intrusion and cause for concern. That's why we, as a leading commercial floor sanding company, provide full insurance cover alongside all of our precision floor sanding services. We also give you:

  • Powerful sanding performed using advanced sawdust-free technology
  • The chance to make your appointment at your convenience - we operate a 24/7 support policy
  • An Expert consultation to discuss your needs
  • A no-obligation quotation with zero obligation
  • High quality options for wood floor cleaning and varnishing too, and discounts on multi-service bookings
  • A top team of fully qualified professionals carrying out all work

Commercial Wood Floor Sanding - The Procedure

commercial wood floor sanding in londonBecause we start off with the aforementioned consultation, you'll be able to discuss your expert commercial floor sanding services with an experienced member of the team, before we make a start. This will allow us to view your floor in its entirety as well, making sure we give you a quote that's complete in every respect.

We commence the floor sanding itself by carefully repairing and replacing any small imperfections in the floor surface. Loose nails are re-affixed, loose floorboards repaired, and damaged ones replaced. After this, we use three different grades of sanding equipment to remove your floor's previous sealant and smooth the surface completely. After any staining that you've chosen has been performed, we'll then apply up to three coats of fresh sealant, protecting your floor for often as much as ten years to come.

Commercial Floor Sanding Expertise

Every team member has participated in both initial and ongoing training in the best techniques so the precision commercial floor sanding services we provide are second-to-none in terms of quality. This isn't a claim we make lightly - we back it up with our full quality guarantees and the insurance protection we provide with every service. With the experienced, BONA-certified team, your floor will be in safe hands.

Secure an Expert Consultation Now - 24/7

Contact us at any time on 020 3404 4979 - we're standing by around the clock, 24/7, to take your call. You'll be able to set up the first step of your appointment - your no-obligation consultation - at whatever time suits you best. With our wide selection of appointment options, which range from early morning to late evenings throughout the week and at the weekend, you'll be able to fit us into even the busiest business schedule with ease. Your consultation will enable you to get a quotation on the professional commercial floor sanding services you need, so you'll be fully informed before we start. Remember - you can also set up your appointment via our website's contact form or chat feature.