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Wood Floor Restoration in London

wood floor repair londonFull wooden floor restoration in London, or anywhere else, is a job for true professionals. All teams have got the skills and experience to completely revitalise your wood flooring, no matter the species or nature of the wood. This means your home or business property will soon be benefiting once again from a gleaming wood floor, lending luxury and durability to any space.

We'll start your service with a no-obligation consultation at the site in question. This means we can carefully survey your floor in person, and let you know exactly the results to expect after the flooring renovation is completed.

Precision Wood and Parquet Flooring Restoration

We offer our services across the London area, so wherever you find yourself with wood or parquet flooring in need of professional restoration, you can count on us to make it happen. We offer a service that gives you:

  • Complete and effective restoration for any type of natural, engineered or parquet wood flooring
  • 24-hour a day client support both online and offline
  • A consultation so you're fully informed about how we'll conduct your repairs and how much they'll cost
  • Special deals and offers, including when you combine your restoration with our oiling or waxing options for a gleaming finish
  • Insurance cover for all work and our full guarantee
  • Experienced tradesmen conducting all work

How Our Wood Floor Repairs Happen?

wood flooring restoration in londonYou'll have all of the information you need from the consultation we provide, and a no-obligation quotation to think about before we get started with your wood floor repairs. We'll need to see every square centimetre of the wooden floor in question so we can tell you precisely what we're going to be doing for you. This means moving all of the furniture and carpeting out of the way.

We start the repair itself by removing and replacing damaged floor boards, fixing back into place any loose ones, and checking and fixing any loose joists. Old tracks and rusted nails will be removed, and protruding nails will be flattened. The timber we use to replace your boards will be reclaimed wood of the same quality and age, wherever possible.

Repairs for All Kinds of Wood and Wood Block Floors

There's almost no type of wood and wood block floors we can't conduct efficient and effective repairs of. After your consultation you'll know all of the ins and the outs of what's going to happen during your service. All of the work we're carrying out for you is going to be conducted by fully trained and experienced professionals, and comes with full insurance cover and our comprehensive guarantee, at no added charge, for your peace of mind.

How to Book Hardwood Floor Repair with Zero Fuss?

Floor Restoration Company in LondonUsing our service hotlines is the quick and simple way to contact us. Our lines stay open 24/7 on 020 3404 4979 so you can get through to us any time that's convenient for you. And, if you'd prefer to avoid a phone call, you can always use our contact form or our chat facility to get in touch.

However you reach us you can count on a knowledgeable and friendly adviser who'll be able to give you any information you might be interested in receiving, and to arrange your consultation. We offer a wide array of handy appointment times so you can organise our visit around your schedule with ease.