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Get Floor Sanding Hackney - Restore Your Floor

Invest in a home improvement that will never look dated, add value to your home, and create a beautiful first impression. Our services for wood floor sanding in Hackney are suitable for your home or commercial properties. Restored and renovated hardwood or parquet flooring adds a touch of quality to any living or working space. Book us as a landlord seeking to maximise rental potential, as a home owner wanting a flooring solution which is naturally warm and creates a healthy environment too, or as a commercial property owner looking for a flooring solution which is both attractive and supremely practical.

Get Short and Long Term Benefits from Our Hackney Floor Sanding

  • Choose a home improvement that will give you an easy-clean, hypo-allergenic floor, and increase your property's value too
  • Tell us about the wooden floor sanding you’re considering at your free site visit and consultation
  • After your floor has been inspected, the floor sanding technicians will provide a no-obligation quote for your floorboards restoration
  • Set up your home visit for any day of the week, and contact us any time of the day or night - our customer call centre operates 24/7!
  • Get the benefits of wooden floor sanding without the grime! The high-end equipment cuts down on dust by 99%
  • Your work is completed under insurance protection and our own guarantee, and your service is delivered by fully trained, Bona-certified craftsmen
wood floor sanding in hackney

How Attention to Detail Enhances Your Floor Sanding in Hackney

Some floors need relatively little work to bring them back to top condition. In other cases, wood floor renovation involves a number of stages. Every professional craftsman has the skills and tools to assess what's needed, and complete the following tasks:

Repair and Restoration: Repairing loose floor boards, checking joists, and checking for old nails which may need removal or hammering down. Any boards which are damaged beyond repair will be replaced, using reclaimed timber wherever possible.

Gap Filling: Smaller gaps are filled using a resin and sawdust mix to give a colour that matches your original floorboards. Larger gaps are filled using strips of reclaimed timber, which are hammered into place, then planed.

Floor Sanding: We start with coarse grit sanding to lift old varnish and sealants. This is followed by medium and fine grade sanding until the desired smooth finish is achieved. This is the stage where the use of professional equipment brings real benefits, fast results, and very little dust.

Floor Staining: At your request, we'll stain your floorboards to any colour or effect your choose.

Finishing and Floor Sealing: We may use up to three coats of sealant or natural wax to produce a hard-wearing and water resistant finish.

Caring for Your Floor After Floorboards Restoration

hackney floor restoration companyProtect your investment in quality flooring by caring for your floorboards. Here's how:

Prevent Warping and Water Staining: Your flooring's water resistant finish will slow down the process of water or other spills penetrating wood. Just the same, fluids should be mopped up immediately to prevent damp boards from warping.

Furniture Drag Marks: Heavy furnishings dragged across the floor will cause scuff marking. This is easily prevented by ensuring that you always lift furniture when moving it.

Protect Against Scratches: Doormats will cut down on dirt, and regular mopping and vacuum cleaning will protect your floor from grit scratches

Get A No-Obligation Quote for Hackney Floor Sanding

Call us 24/7 on 020 3404 4979 for your home consultation and quote on wood floor restoration in Hackney. The craftsmen will visit your home any day of the week to discuss your options with you. When you'd like us to assess your commercial premises, or if you're a landlord seeking to improve your rental potential, we'll meet you at the property concerned. Alternatively, organise your site visit directly through this site. Type straight into the chat box on this site for an instant reply, or request a call by leaving your details on our contact form.