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Floor Sanding in Wandsworth With Quality Guaranteed

When looking to increase the value of your home, improving the look and condition of your hard wood floors is a great place to start. Luckily, we've got the skills, experience, and the BONA certifications needed to give you the complete service for wood floor sanding in Wandsworth. We cover all parquet, softwood and hardwood types of flooring, so no matter what you've got in your property, we're standing ready to help you. You always get a no-obligation meeting with one of the experts before you start.

Why Do People Hire Us For Their Wandsworth Floor Sanding

  • You're treated to an in-depth discussion of your plans onsite with one of the reliable craftsmen first, with no cost or obligation
  • Following this, you'll get a no-obligation quote on your home improvement plans, so you have all the information you need to go ahead
  • The equipment that we use is 99% dust free, and every team is very tidy, meaning your property stays dirt-free throughout
  • Every local tradesman has all had their work approved by BONA, and all of the equipment we use is top of the range
  • The hypo-allergenic qualities of your post-sanding wooden floor are very impressive, as are the new-found easiness with which it can be cleaned
  • Call us any time that you've got a hankering for more information - we're standing by 24 hours a day to answer your calls
reliable floor sanding in wandsworth

The Floor Sanding Services in Wandsworth You've Got to Choose From

  • Repair and Restoration: making sure that your floor is in the ideal condition for more serious work is the job of our repair and restoration service.
  • Gap Filling: bigger gaps can be filled with reclaimed timber, while smaller gaps are treated with a specially created putty.
  • Wooden Floor Sanding: we use specialist rotary equipment for floor sanding. This equipment uses a triple-stage abrasive process of increasing fineness.
  • Floor Staining: have you got a new colour in mind for your flooring? We use stains from the beautiful Junkers range.
  • Finish/ Sealing: we recommend wax or oils for lighter-used or older floors, while lacquer is more appropriate for heavy to medium-used flooring.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Wood Floor

affordable wood floor sanding in wandsworthUV rays can be harmful to any wooden flooring, and it's the part of caring for it that many people tend to forget. If your floor is in direct sunlight all day, it's going to see some serious discolouration. Try to remember to offer shade in the form of closed curtains, blinds or drapes. This way you will protect the colour of your floors longer.

Spillages of water or any grit-like substances need to be dealt with straight away. Vacuuming or sweeping are the right way to get rid of grit, and need to be accomplished quickly rather than let the particles sand away top layers of any protective coat. Wipe up liquid spills quickly, or face a floor with a damaged finish!

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Because our service hotlines are kept open and fully staffed around the clock, all you need to do is give us a call on 020 3404 4979 when you find yourself in need of wood floor expertise. Alternatively, why not reach us online? One short email is all we'll need to arrange your service, and our customer care team are ready to help you at any time.