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Talk to us now, to get an affordable deal on expert wood floor sanding in Barnet. Every team of experienced floor sanding technicians is ready and waiting to transform the wooden floors around your home or workplace – we’ll tackle hardwood, softwood, parquet and more! You can call on us for any of a wide range of flooring services, including gap filling and repairs, renovation, restoration, sealing, staining and finishing. Whatever your floors need, we’ve got it.

What You’ll Get with Our Barnet Floor Sanding Services

  • wood floor sanding in barnetYour service begins with an on-site no-obligation consultation.
  • We’ll calculate a quote for your floors – again with no charge, and no obligation to buy.
  • All floor sanding experts are Bona-certified, and come to your home with industry-leading 99% dust-free equipment.
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind – our services come with a guarantee, while all of the affordable floor sanding technicians are covered by full public liability insurance.
  • Our thorough, safe and hypoallergenic procedures will leave your floors looking their best... and easier than ever to clean. They’ll also serve to increase the value of your property!
  • Customers can look forward to dedicated, round-the-clock support thanks to our 24-hour phone line.

Browse our Range of Floor Sanding Services in Barnet

Repair and Restoration: We’ll use state-of-the-art tools and technology to fully renovate your wooden floors… delivering great results on hardwood, softwood and parquet flooring surfaces.

Gap Filling: As your wooden floorboards shift and contract over time, it can often result in the appearance of gaps between boards. We’ll plug these with hard-setting resin, or insert seamlessly fitted slivers of matching wood.

Floor Sanding: Our 99% dust-free sanding techniques will allow us to give your floorboards a new lease of life! We’ll smooth over splintered edges, as well as stripping off patchy, scuffed or scratched finishes.

Staining: There are numerous advantages to applying a stain to your floorboards. It’ll help defend against rot, moisture and sun damage… in addition to letting you choose your own colours!

Finish and Sealing: We’ll protect your floors against all future spills and stains with a final coat of varnish, oil or wax.

Get the Most from Your Wood Floors – With these Handy Tips

professional wood floor sanding in barnet1. Dirt and Grit. You can save your floors a lot of unnecessary scratching and scrapes by regularly sweeping up dust and grit – as well as placing floor mats in doorways, to trap dirt and keep it away from your wooden floors.

2. Moisture and Spills. Make sure you’re mopping up spills as soon as they happen – otherwise you run the risk of allowing your floorboards to warp, or to suffer damage to their finish.

3. Oil Soaps. Some cleaning agents can prove dangerous to your floors, damaging the finish and dulling the shine. Avoid this problem by using only neutral pH cleaning products on your wood floors.

4. Furniture. One smart way to defend your floors against scratches and scrapes is to place protective felt pads beneath furniture legs. And always be sure to lift, rather than drag your furniture around!

Get in Touch for a Floor Sanding Service in Barnet

Get your quote on floor sanding in Barnet today! We’ll be glad to hear from homeowners, tenants and landlords - the floor sanding staff are just as comfortable working in residential properties, as they are at servicing commercial premises. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to arrange your on-site consultation – assessing the size of your job, in order to provide you with an accurate and obligation quote. You can send us a message today, or call us on our 24-hour support line: 020 3404 4979.