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Get Effective Floor Sanding in Hillingdon

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable wood floor sanding in Hillingdon… then talk to us today. Every floor sanding team has all the skills, the experience, and the high-tech equipment it takes to deliver first class results on any wooden floor. We’ll deal with hardwood and softwood floors, in addition to our range of services tailored for parquet flooring. Just give us a call, and tell us what you need! Our extensive range of services includes renovation and repairs, sealing, sanding, staining and gap filling.

Here’s How We Deliver Our Hillingdon Floor Sanding Services

  • We’ll offer you a no-obligation consultation at your home.
  • After that we’ll be ready to offer you a quote for your floors, no obligation attached.
  • We’ll complete your service using high-end 99% dust free equipment – placed in the hands of Bona-certified floor sanding experts.
  • We deliver our services with a guarantee of quality – and on top of that, the floor sanding technicians are all covered by thorough public liability insurance.
  • By the time we’re finished, your floors will be left perfectly restored, easy to clean, and fully hypoallergenic as well. What's more, our services will also help to raise the value of your property.
  • Got a question? Just call our 24-hour phone lines for round-the-clock support.
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Our Versatile Range of Floor Sanding Services in Hillingdon

Repair and Restoration: Allow us to breathe a new lease of life into your wooden floors! We’ll apply high-end tools and techniques in completely renovating your hardwood, softwood and parquet flooring.

Gap Filling: If you’ve seen gaps appearing between your floorboards over time, then allow us to fix them. We’ll use a resin solution to plug the gaps seamlessly, while larger holes can be filled with carefully selected slivers of wood.

Floor Sanding: We provide a 99% dust-free sanding procedure, which will strip your floorboards of old, faded, cracked or chipped finishes. It also serves to smooth over any areas of rot or splintering.

Staining: Not only does this process allow you to choose the colour of your floorboards, but it’ll also bring the added benefit of protection against rot, moisture and sunlight damage.

Finish and Sealing: To top it all off, we’ll treat your floors to a thorough, protective coat of sealant – applying varnish, oil or wax to help defend against future spills and stains.

Enjoy Your Wood Floors for Longer – With These Pro Tips

hillingdon floor sanding1. Dirt and Grit. Sweep regularly, and place floor mats to trap grit, dust, dirt and other particles that have got onto your floors. Otherwise, these can soon have an effect much like sandpaper on your floorboards.

2. Moisture and Spills. It pays to clean up spills quickly. Water and other liquids can cause warping to your floorboards, as well as tarnishing their finish.

3. Oil Soaps. Many cleaning agents can have a destructive effect on your floors, causing serious damage to the finish. Avoid this unfortunate situation by using only neutral pH cleaners.

4. Furniture. You can protect your wooden floors against scratches and scrapes by placing felt pads beneath contact points. When moving furniture around, always be sure to lift, rather than drag it!

Treat Yourself to a Floor Sanding Service in Hillingdon

Ready to make big savings on your floor sanding in Hillingdon? We’ll tailor a service to suit residential properties, or commercial premises – we’ll work for landlords, tenants and homeowners alike! Call to schedule your consultation, and we’ll send out experts to provide an on-site assessment of your job. After that, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote. So get in touch with us today! All you need to do is send us a message, or call our 24-hour support line: 020 3404 4979.