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Floor Sanding Greenwich for All Homes and Rental Properties

Transform your home, office, rental properties, or any business premises by recovering a neglected old floor. Wood floor sanding in Greenwich is a sure-fire way to improve the appearance of any room, and bring a touch of classic warmth into any property. The expert craftsman will renovate hardwood, softwood or parquet in less time than you'd expect, and for a lower cost than you'd think. Your investment will be repaid by the pleasure you'll get from your durable, beautiful floor, and from the increased rental appeal and resale value of your stylish property.

Secure to Use, Easy to Arrange Floor Sanding Services in Greenwich

  • Book a floor sanding company that uses only trained and Bona-certified tradesman, and covers your work with full insurance and our own guarantee
  • Enjoy the security of 24/7 contact with our customer services advisers - call us or get in touch online whenever you need to
  • Ask us for your no-obligation site consultation, and we’ll assess the wood floor renovation project you have in mind
  • Your floor sanding technicians will provide you with a quote, again at no obligation once they've assessed your floorboard restoration
  • Benefit from the investment in top-grade industrial equipment, which reduces the dust produced by 99%
  • This home improvement will result in a hypo-allergenic, easy-clean floor, and floorboards restoration which will increase the resale value of your property
wood floor sanding in greenwich

Our Stage-by-Stage Approach to Greenwich Floor Sanding

Your wood floor renovation may be more or less extensive depending on the initial condition of your flooring. The specialists will assess your floor, discuss your options with you, and give you a quote which will include some, or all, of the following:

Repair and Restoration: We'll fix weak joists and repair or replace damaged floorboards. Where replacement is necessary, we source reclaimed timber that matches the age and quality of your existing floor.

Gap Filling: In older floors, shrinkage can produce unsightly gaps. We fill small gaps with a sawdust and resin mix, and larger ones with strips of reclaimed timber strips which match the original floor.

Floor Sanding: We work in stages, from coarse-grade sanding to remove old varnish, paint or lacquer thorough to fine sanding to give a smooth finish ready for the final stages of your wood floor renovation.

Floor Staining: When you'd like a darker finish than your current colour, we'll stain your floor to your desired hue.

Finishing and Floor Sealing: This final phase will leave you with a durable, water-resistant floor. We use up to three coats of finish, which can be a natural wax or a modern sealant.

Looking After Your Wood Floor Renovation in Greenwich

affordable floor sanding in greenwichWooden flooring is easy-care and hard wearing, but just the same it'll last longer with good care. Reduce damage from grit, water and harsh cleaners:

Grit: Protect your floor with doormats to reduce the amount of dirt or grit carried into the room. You'll get even less scratching if you make the room a pet-free and shoe-free zone!

Water: Mop up spills immediately. Your water resistant finish will give you the time to do so without water penetrating the wood and warping it.

Detergents: Use a pH-balanced wood cleanser to clean your floor without dulling the finish of the wood.

Book Your Site Visit and Quotation for Floor Sanding Greenwich

Find out about your options for floorboards restoration in Greenwich by setting up a consultation 24/7 on 020 3404 4979. We're happy to meet landlords at their rental properties, commercial property owners at their business premises, or of course we'll come to your home if you're a domestic customer. Either way, you'll get time to discuss the work you'd like done and receive a comprehensive quotation at absolutely no obligation. Alternatively, use our contact form to leave your details when you'd like us to call you or set up your visit for any day of the week via the chat facility on this site.